Eco-Friendly Packaging  - We like planet earth (like, like like) and want to do our part to help her stick around for as long as possible. That’s why we use eco-friendly materials when packaging your orders. This includes recycled paper, recyclable plastics, and plant-based inks. If you would still prefer a package without any extra packaging, you got it! Just leave a note at checkout and let us know to use as little packaging as possible. Not sure how to recycle your packaging? Visit this site for info. 


Shipping - Our gift to you is FREE SHIPPING because nothing deters us from online shopping more than expensive shipping. We get it, we got you. If you need your product ASAP you can pay to have it express shipped to you, but regular shipping is always on the house. If you are outside the US, your shipping will calculate at checkout. (Sorry, international friends!)


Damaged Product - Oof. There is nothing worse than opening up your package and seeing that your product is damaged. If this happens to you, we are so sorry! Send us an email at with a picture of the damaged product and we’ll send you a replacement.


Returns + Refunds - We do not currently offer exchanges or refunds. (We know that's not fun to hear. So sorry!)


Other Questions? Send an email to and we'll get your question answered as soon as we can.